Saturday, May 31, 2008

David Zuttermeister - A New Symbolism

David Zuttermeister

San Francisco’s David Zuttermeister crafts found-object installations and sculptures that seem to generate a new symbolism of the body that, while utterly new, somehow feel ancient and familiar, touching a deep chord within the viewer. It is not uncommon to find Zuttermeister found object pieces whose hearty ingredients might include towels, sugar cubes, poster tubes, bowling balls, fluorescent lights or ceramic bunnies made to look like dinosaur bones or some elaborate machine.

A transplant to San Franciso from Portland, Oregon David makes the following statement:

The last year in my studio has allowed me to hone a process which privileges accident as the primary mode of making. It is deliberately ad-hoc and haphazard. The realization of some intention is often set aside as future raw material, in favor of the immediate use of the by-product of its creation. The resulting work is often precarious and fragile, threatening its own destruction. My work usually attempts to place myself in relation to some social event or situation, to talk about its own process of construction, and to relate a kind of Zen anxiety with the world.

Often, the shadows cast by his assembled objects play as important a role as the objects themselves, forming entire sections of the assemblages. An interesting property of shadows is that their meaning can change as the light source moves, creating whole new pieces.

Dog Hotel

David's work addresses a keen awareness of bodies and mortality.

Temple of Morteriality (Twin Anxieties)

He recently exhibited at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.

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