Monday, May 12, 2008

Cynjon Noah - A Multifaceted Art Jewel

Cynjon Noah
The fact that my friend, Cynjon Noah, is having a birthday this week is only one of the many reasons I chose to write about him today. This guy cranks out the art like a finely oiled art-makin' machine!

Cynjon is an adventuresome , free-spirited multi-disciplinary artist who bounces between Florida, Tennessee and Texas creating art in any number of different and interesting forms. He leads a rich, full, creative life that entails interaction with a wide array of media used in unconventional ways. Between building his own home in Tennessee (as in, with his own two hands…) and experimenting with new art materials Cynjon still makes time to interact with other artists and participate in all kinds of collaborative art activities.

He always seems to have a lot of different art projects in progress at one time. Cynjon claims that his favorite mediums are whatever he finds himself working on at the moment. In addition to painting, he creates mixed media assemblages, wild art dolls and figurative sculpture. He knits. He paints. A recent addition to his endeavors has been the digital alteration of original photographs that he made of his 3-D work. He uses this technique as an exercise in gaining new perspectives.

Cynjon can do more with a piece of rusty metal than a lot of folks could do with an entire room full of new supplies!

His highly coveted art dolls are beautiful, unique and sometimes a little disturbing. They seem to speak from influences that span from nature to Africa to outer space to Native America.

No media seems too far-fetched nor out of range for Cynjon's talents. He recently completed a series of artwork that centered exclusively around wooden eggs.

His collage work is graceful, fluid and full of energy:

At a very early age, Cynjon learned to paint from an Aunt who is a professional watercolorist:

The Cynjon Noah art work that I have shown you is only a small sample of his artistic endeavors. He is as prolific as he is creative. In addition to what you've seen here, he also makes books, sketches, sculpts, travels to festivals.... and literally fills his life with art. The best part is that in doing so Cyn, spreads a message of artful camaraderie and generosity. I've gone to my mailbox more than once only to return with boxes of random kindness sent by Cynjon in the form of great art supplies that he manages to pick up here and there. He is just that kind of person.

Wishing you a happy, happy birthday, Cynjon. Thank you for being you. You are a beautiful inspiration and a gift to all who know you. xo Stacy

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Luna said...

Great article on Cyn!
I love your blog and visit it very often, I just haven't commented much. It's one of a half dozen I have marked as favorites in my MUST READ DAILY links folder.
You inspire me so much Stacy!

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