Friday, May 23, 2008

Yulia Hanasen - Razzle Dazzle and WOW!

Yulia Hanasen

All of Yulia Hanasen's mosaics are fabulous, but it was this portrait of Albert Einstein that first caught my attention. There are many renderings and photographs of the man, but none that catch that expression of something extra in the same way that Yulia's portrait does. Can't you just see the wheels turning in his mind?

Albert Einstein

All of Yulia's mosaic works seem to have that little something extra that causes one to pause and marvel. Her precise fitting techniques, the color choices that seem to reach out and grab the viewerr, the exacting placement of each piece of glass or well-thought-out...perefect but not static.... These are mosaics to dream about.


Yulia Hanansen is a second generation mosaic artist who is not at all new to mosaic art. Her Mosaic Sphere Studio, LLC will be celebrating its 7th year anniversary this year. The lofty mission of the studio is to build greater public awareness about mosaics, and to exhibit the superb qualities of this art form.

Purple Iris

Along with mosaic artwork, the studio offers adult classes in mosaics, where a small group environment allows for thorough study of mosaic techniques and methods.

Red Poppie

Ms. Hanansen’s latest works represent her fascination with the cosmos and the human connection. She is currently working with the layered glass mosaic technique, where tiles are not only glued next to each other, but on top of each other. Latest solo show “Crater Lakes: Imaginary and Real” featured images of the lakes created by the impact of asteroids into Earth’s surface. Other works, such as this 116' mural are equally as ambitious.

Chippewa Creek

Click HERE to take a tour of this mural in progress.

Ms. Hanansen’s works have been exhibited in the galleries nationwide: Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Mesa, just to name a few. She has also shown her artwork locally at Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids, MI, the Michigan Guild Gallery, Ann Arbor Art Center, Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester, and the University of Michigan W.Robins gallery. Work has been collected by patrons in the USA (AZ, MA, NY, CA, IL, FL, GA, MI, TX, WA, OH, PA, NJ, OR), Russia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Israel, Australia, Italy and even the South Pole!

White Peony

Please visit her Mosaicsphere web site for more pictures and information.


freebird said...

Absolutely beautiful work.

susansspace said...

WOW!, indeed! As a novice mosaicist, I can only say 'breathtaking; fascinating, &
totally exquisite use of color'.
Thank you for sharing the step-by-step process of creating this beautiful work.

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