Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jennifer Koshbin

Jennifer Koshbin

She came into that room looking for something.

What she was looking for wasn't what she finally accepted.

Jennifer Khoshbin, has been an artist most of her life. Her work was only recently discovered by this writer and for me, it was a happy day. Growth. Her work addresses various ideas of growth — personal, natural, biological, etc.

She says: "I am continually trying to figure out how to be satisfied each day with whatever happens and remembering to be grateful."

In the series Handmade Wilderness I am creating a number of wall-mount deer "trophies"-paper mache and decoupage on resin cast heads. The deer head itself is a common emblem of "nature," but one in which nature is celebrated by its death, and in this case artificially reimagined.

In a series of small, self-contained, conceptual pieces entitled "The Book Project: diggin’ for the truth" Jennifer's focus turned to the sculptural use of books.

"I methodically carve each page to create a “depth of thought”, and minimally design the surface with mixed images of birds, insects, botany, women, or children, with hints of the inorganic- manufactured objects, advertising, or text.

In these experiments I am trying to delve into the books, into facts and knowledge, as a way to understand my world. Using the surface space to express what I “dig-up”, I seek some resolution between the organic and the inorganic, hoping for the authentic."

Butterfly Grave
T.M. Bita (Too Many Balls in the Air)


Ashes detail
Handmade Wilderness

To see more of Jen's work, please CLICK HERE.

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