Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jen Worden

The multi-talented Jen Worden states on her blog that she “isn’t here to make you feel comfortable “ ...and I love that about her. Her art demonstrates an ability to subvert artistic conventions resulting in true grist for the thought mill. She has a fascinating talent for making art from the most unlikely assemblages of found objects and materials. Her work has substance and body. It reaches out to its viewers and imparts senses of rich, familiar history ... meat-on-the-bone context, color and texture.

She describes herself as having “a Mediterranean soul” and whether Mediterranean or not, the woman does have soul! Her work is utterly thrilling. AND it is not for sissies!


Challenge Piece

Jen is a full time artist who lives in rural Nova Scotia. Her work is shown in a number of galleries in Canada and the U.S. Visit her studio and you will discover bits and pieces of past lives and found objects waiting to be reassembled into some of Jen's own magical interpretations.

Jen is well known for her generous assistance to other artists in terms of tips and techniques. She has been hosting an event each week this year that involves coming up with an artistic activity to help stimulate our imaginations and get the art fires burning beneath us. Anyone can join in and I highly recommend it.

Take the Weekly Challenge at

From her blog, each Friday, Jen posts a new activity…gives an “assignment”…and because these artistic endeavors are in so wide an array of different artistic disciplines, they often serve to stretch the boundaries of comfort of the artists who participate. These exercises have been of immeasurable inspiration to me personally. Jen has an album on flickr that shows some of the challenge’s results. Activities range from printmaking to paper casting to new paint and collage techniques and everything in between. This piece is Jen’s own result of a paper casting challenge:

“I have done watercolor, pen and ink illustration, digital media, paper and bookmaking. My current love is mixed media collage and assemblage. “
…and therein lies her greatest artistic strength.

Jen has an outstanding capacity for creating works of art that are challenging and captivating. Her work is informed by past lives and forgotten worlds revitalized into entirely new tableaus that hold secrets and tell stories simultaneously.

Speak No Evil

Transparency Assemblage

piece from Jen's Home Series

“ I have eclectic taste.”

(....much to the gratitude of her viewers, I might add.) I am fortunate to have her as a friend as well.

Jen Worden is a member of the Hannah Grey Design Team.

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