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Fashion Meets Collage - Emilia Norris

Aspasia and Steven

Out of respect for our dear friend, Aspasia, who died last night, I will be observing a few days of quiet and reflection. This will be the last blog entry here until next Monday, April 28, 2008. Thank you for understanding.


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Emilia Norris

Fashion Meets Collage

The artist Emilia Norris was born in 1973 in Skopje, R.Macedonia. She finished secondary school in 1992 in Skopje, R.Macedonia as a culturologist. Today, she melds the disciplines of fashion design with collage in some pithy statements about life.

The artist states:

Fashion is an all-pervading category. It is an outward articulation of the various segments of human existence, and as such, it is characterized with remarkable dynamics and constant changeability. Therefore, I find Fashion exciting and inspiring, and it is the basic medium for my art and aesthetic expression.


My interest for Fashion dates back to my early childhood. My first ‘works’ were an expression of my zest for historic costumes, seen first in films and later as illustrations in various history and art books. This led to my first fashion drawings, or clothes designs.

Cherry Woman

Despite of all this, when I was making my professional choice, there was no faculty for fashion design, so I took up my second passion – music, and graduated from the Faculty of Music Art. Thus, my life has been engaged with both music and visual art, via fashion design.

Dilemma 1

One of the most important moments for me was the revelation of the great Austrian painter Gustav Klimt from the time of Belle Epoch. It was simply fascinated with his painting technique and the compositions in his works. I was greatly impressed by the interesting fragmentation, the beautiful colours, eroticism, as well as the way he has presented the woman and female psyche. This has led me to the idea of making an attempt of creating reproductions of a few of his paintings using the paper collage technique. Satisfied with the achieved results, I went on producing collages, trying to reinterpret Klimt and master the technique I was using.

Dilemma 2

Later, when I enrolled onto a one-year fashion design course taught by a Macedonian fashion designer, I realized that the collage is related to fashion expression and is often used in making fashion collection books. Having finished the course, I saw that I am not drawn to the technical, but to the artistic side of fashion, and started using the collage technique as a means for my fashion expression. That is how I began working on the cycle consisted of 40 collages (by now), which I named "Woman".


My works, including the last cycle, are never born out of a preconception, but are fully spontaneous creations based on my personal feelings and experiences.


I create my collages using cuttings from different kinds of paper. Then I apply pastel, acrylic or textile colors, and sometimes add cloth or other objects. Most of my works are done in 50 x 70 cm format.



From my own Stacy Alexander

I am spending time in my own studio these days, exploring the concept of women's clothing as social statement. The following collage is part of an installation that I am currently piecing together from a variety of mixed media. I used the process of flat bed scanner as camera with an original Terry Donovan photograph and paper. (click to enlarge)
Bikini of Hair and Large Diamonds
by Stacy Alexander

(Available as Giclée print)

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