Friday, April 11, 2008

Cecilia Henle - Ancient to Modern

Cecilia Henle

Since I’ve known her, I have been impressed by Cece as an artist and a friend. She isn't merely inspirational. Oh, no.... She is so much more than just "inspirational". In fact, yesterday, as I was reviewing her art I realized that it almost made me high! It is so complex, so full of context and meaning and so very beautiful!
Abstract Wall

Inspired by the Caves of Lascaux, some of Cece’s most notable works are created on rich textural fields depicting ancient rock and cave. However her artistic style stretches to embrace other sophisticated treatments as well, using oils, pastels and watercolor.

Lascaux Mares and Goat

Mares and Magic

Ancient Journey

Wildfire Mares

Her exquisite watercolors are highly developed studies in color, light and pattern that dance delicately across a range of subjects including florals and figurative compositions.

Quiet Moments

Lily and Shell

Rose Begonia

Her studies and artistic exploration of the styles and meanings of both European and Native American primitive art led to a deep respect and appreciation for man's ancient artistic beginnings.

Bull Fragment

From primitive human cave paintings to American petroglyph and pictograph imagery, there is left a visual legacy of mans first attempts to explain the mysterious universe, to evoke and control the powers of nature, and record events. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to our ancient ancestors for making these marks for the first time, it was the beginning of all art!

Chaveux Lioness

Cece states:

" The very first role of artist was as intermediary between worlds, bringing into being spiritual insight in the form of painted and carved symbols and enhance understanding of life events and therefore, survival. I view this legacy with a high degree of respect- as a pictorial view of how we gave shape to our views of the universe. “

Horsehead Fragment

“My view as an artist and painter is that we have given shape to our world by making marks that represent, and symbolize and even copy nature to a high degree, to shape the form of our beliefs, and tell the stories of our inner realms.”

El Toro Grande Rojo

“Art is amazing. It opens one up to larger worlds, both real and imaginary. In my journey to understand the cultures and people that inspire me in my work, I have been reminded again and again of where it all started. The study of the first art ever created has helped me know art in a new way, that transcends all culture, all boundaries and all beliefs, bringing us together as one human species who have the incredible gift of creative expression.
My work is intended to celebrate the inspiring in life, to evoke and awaken respect and understanding of the cultures surrounding us, and to honor the first artists of the world."

Ancient Journey

Cecilia Henle’s art portfolio can be viewed HERE. Her focus is more on watercolor these days, so be sure to check out her new work.

Please visit to read about the artist's projects and see new work!


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