Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vincent Floderer - King of Crimp

Models of their paper installations created by Vincent Floderer and the Crimp Team

I mentioned Vincent Floderer last week when I wrote the entry about origami artist, Arlene Elizabeth, and was excited to hear back from him this morning giving me permission to use his images to share with you in this entry.

Floderer is an artist accustomed to working in a variety of media. However, this entry is about his fascinating paper installations. He has gathered considerable interest in the paper folding world with his unique treatment of papers using methods different from standard folding techniques. He is also an ardent enthusiast of biology who uses his paper folding skills to express some of the more complex sequences involved in the unfolding to maturity of some plants. His work is inspired by his own observations of nature, where folds, creases and associated dynamic processes are to bee seen in many (sometimes unexpected) places.

Vincent's completed paper sculptures of mushrooms from single pieces of paper led to an invitation to provide pieces for the first ever origami exhibition at the Louvre, Paris in 1998. Since then he has gone on to expand on these techniques to create trees with branches and roots from single sheets of paper. He now works with a team of French artists called, "Crimp".

Here is a fascinating instructional video about how he creates these mushroom sculptures:

If you are unable to see the video, please click HERE

"Created in 1997, the basic model can be folded/crumpled with all types of thin papers
(brown wrapping paper from 25 to 40 gsm; tissue paper; paper napkins....) The first models were inspired by the study of the shapes of different mushrooms. Since then some elements of their architecture, a possible evolution process (Phylogeny*) for certain families and sometimes their consitency could be reconstructed. "

The image below is the PR for the latest Crimp exhibition in France, as Vincent put it, "in a nice castle in the area where I live". (I wish there was a nice castle in the area where I live!) Please click each subsequent image to enlarge. You don't want to miss a single, incredible detail in this work!

Vincent and the entire crimp team were invited to create different paper universes in this fairy tale castle. He wrote, "I've been manipulating large crumpled models with Manuel Madaleno for exhibition opening during a concert with Danielle Bouthillon -great french soprano singer- who performed poems of Emily Dickson (music by Aaron Copland )and early works from Alban Berg."
Jacquet Fritz Junior

Jean-claude Correia

Jean-Claude Correia

Jean-Calude Corriea

Vincent Floderer

Vincent Floderer

Manuel Madaleno

Manuel Madaleno

Although Vincent's webmaster is currently working on an English version of the Crimp web site, right now, there is just the French version available. If you are interested in seeing more images and/or you speak French and would like to learn more about this fascinating artist, please click HERE

All photography credit goes to CRIMP, Vincent Foster's art team of paper crimpers:
Jean-Claude Correia , Junior Jacquet , Manuel Madaleno ( a "new" crimp member) and Vincent Floderer.


Anonymous said...

He should change the spelling of his last name to Folderer (because he folds).

lee said...

that is just unbeliveable. He plays with paper like a sculptor always molding the design. I loved the video.

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