Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tracy Broback - Many Irons in an Artful Fire

Tracy Broback creating a Darjit! sculpture of Ferdinand the Bull
After I met Tracy Broback, it didn’t take long for me to realize she was a woman of many talents. In fact, a real problem I have in writing this entry is in deciding which area(s) of her work to address. I have witnessed her seemingly magical garden arts. I have gawked at her awesome mosaic work. I have envied her ability to draw, and this week, she decided to share photos of her quilts, leaving me to wonder…..Is there anything she can’t do??

Cinco de Mayo

When in her presence, I have always noted a sense of peacefulness about Tracy…a contagious, calming energy. She is a dovoted mother of two beautiful children and includes them in her work whenever possible. The quilt in the background of this picture was made from their infant clothing.
Emma and Nicholas

Tracy and I used to see one another at work-related gatherings and I found it interesting that she almost always had a smile on her face. Then I saw her art and I realized that I would be smiling all the time, too, if I had that kind of talent!

Bar Code

Tracy is a superb artist who, since childhood, has not been afraid to explore new artistic endeavors. Her advanced understanding of color, rhythm & pattern has opened many doors for her artistically with her quilts and mosaic art. Her mastery of materials, technique, composition and imagery have placed her on a real track for success as an artist. I am honored to know her.
Fish Quilt

Tracy writes:

“I have always been an artist. As a child I worked at the craft table my father made for me while my family watched T.V. As a student, I filled every elective I could with art classes. As an elementary school teacher, art permeated my science, social studies, math and literature lessons. As a mother, art entered my garden, my home, my children’s clothes, rooms and activities. Though I never before believed it possible, art is now entering my life as a career.”
Sawtooth Star

Rainbow Quilt

"Recently, I have discovered mosaics. Many of my previous interests have merged in this ancient and evolving art form. My study of quilt design, ceramics, painting, drawing and sculpture coupled with the many precious items that pets and children have broken over the years and my innate love of shiny things, color and collecting provide me with a limitless pallet of designs and materials. I love to be surrounded by beauty in my garden and home. I love to look at and use objects that make me happy. I like to think about the person that I am and that I want to be. I create art that allows me to fulfill all of those desires."

Sweet Child of Mine

"My art is very personal and precious to me. I make things for specific people or to meditate on a particular theme. I am finding I want to fill more and more of my time with this work and I am discovering a desire within myself to share these thoughts with others. I hope that my creations can bring some peace or happiness to others."

They do, Tracy. They do!

Tracy teaches at Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland.

Mosaic Spheres

Skinny Love

More of Tracy’s work can be seen on flickr under the user name”tbroback”.
Tracy Broback


Kim Larson said...

Excellent piece on a really nice and very talented woman! Thanks for introducing her to the art world, Stacy!

dabrah said...

Stacy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm really impressed by Tracy's work, and I've also had a quick look in your Etsy shop, and I can only say "Wow!". I'm going to forward your link to my daughter who's just starting out as an artist, and is going to open an Etsy shop very soon. I hope you'll come back and visit my blog again. I've started working on my vegetable patch, and will be posting developments there, as well as the other random posts that I currently have going.

Laurie said...

Incredible work, I esp. love that first quilt made with her kids old clothing. Your link was mentioned on the Artfest yahoo group...and I am so glad to have gotten a reminder to come check out your FANTASTIC blog! It will become my daily addiction!
Thanks so much for turning us all on to so many wonderful artists like Tracy.
Laurie Mika

A Mosaic Studio WebBlog said...

Wow another fabulous artist. I can't get enough of your blog Stacy. How do you do all this work and keep it so fresh. Great work
Laura K. Aiken

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