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Tiona Marco - What Color Crayon Are You?

What color crayon are you?
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This entry is about Crayola artist, Tiona Marco, formerly known as Christina Nelson. read that right...CRAYOLA in the same crayons you used back in elementary school. Working with only Crayola Crayons and construction paper, Tiona creates these amazing images in contemporary realism.

Another Sunny Day

In 2006, after completing a B.S. degree at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Tiona traveled to Guadalajara to teach English and art to children in elementary school. Because she didn't know what resources would be available to her at the school, before she left she thought to stuff her suitcase with hundreds of Crayola Crayons...and it was a good thing she did! Upon arrival, she was informed by school authorities that the children were responsible for their own art supplies. It was then, faced with limited resources as well as the strong desire to continue creating her own work that Tiona asked herself, "Can I create fine art with crayola crayons?" I think the answer is pretty obvious.
Short Stack

Just when she began to believe she had pushed the Crayola medium as far as she could, Tiona met Don Marco, a retired air traffic controller who is considered by many to be the master-of-all-masters of Crayola artists.
Don Marco
Don Marco's artwork can be viewed HERE

Tiona was impressed and excited to meet an artist who had done so much with this simple and commonplace medium. She apprenticed under Don for a year, and then opened up her own art studio in the spring of 2007.

Ripe Apple

In homage to her hero and art teacher, Christina Nelson changed her name to, "Tiona Marco" to honor Don Marco for his time, dedication and patience in teaching her the skill that she subsequently honed into a master-level endeavor.

See a video clip of Tiona with Don Marco HERE.

Old Toothbrushes

Small, Medium and Large

To see more of Tiona Marco's unique Crayola art, please CLICK HERE to go to her web site.


freebird said...

I'm a yellow crayon. Even when I went back and changed my answers to the questions where I wanted two answers it came up yellow. Yellow happens to be my all time basic color (I never use one color preferring to have all the primaries in the picture somehow). What were you?(Maybe you posted and I missed seeing it. I'll have to check again)

This crayon art is fantastic. And why not crayons really? We think we outgrow them I guess. Some people use oil pastels and others use water soluble crayons but how many would dare to say they use ordinary crayola crayons (and I say crayola as some of the others are terrible)?

Stacy Alexander said...

I was blue. I also took it a couple of times...but came up with blue each time.

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