Monday, March 31, 2008

Magic with a Flatbed Scanner - and winner of FREE ART!

MAGGIE TAYLOR’s work defies easy labels.

Trained as a photographer, she has largely abandoned the camera for another “light-sensitive recording device,” the flatbed scanner, with which she enters a menagerie of found objects into her computer. Though she may start with a photograph— one of her own or a rummaged tintype—she transforms it digitally, layering
and manipulating her palette of collected visual information in a meticulous process that pushes the limits of her medium, her computer’s memory, and the genre sometimes described as altered or fabricated photography.

The resulting concoction is a surrealistic, often painterly montage dis-tinguished by vibrant color and a rich symbolism. Although Taylor’s work is autobiographical, informed by childhood memories, anxieties, and television consumption, it also defies easy interpretation:

“I work very spontaneously and
intuitively, trying to come up with images that have a resonance and a some- what mysterious narrative content,”
Taylor says.

“There is no one meaning for any of the images; rather, they exist as a kind of visual riddle or open-ended poem, meant to be both playful and provocative.”

Taylor began taking traditional photographs while pursuing a BA in philosophy at Yale University, altering her process ever more radically during and after her years in the MFA photography program at the University of Florida.

She has had solo exhibitions throughout the United States.

For a fascinating expose of Maggie Taylor’s work, please CLICK HERE


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Susan Tuttle said...

She is one of my favorite artists - and such a forerunner in the digital art scene. Have you ever seen the theme song/introduction to Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt? - Maggie's art is used for the whole thing!


Bethel of Bethania said...

Thanks Stacy for bringing us all this wonderful info - I look forward to your post everyday.
Susan thanks for telling us about Maggie's art being used on Ghost Whisperer cause as soon as I saw that one photo in particular I had an Aaahhhh moment ... OOroo ... Bethel

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