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Dorothy "Dot" Edwards - SPARKLES!


Dot Edwards

Dot Edwards loves things that
sparkle …and so do I.

She created this glamorous mirror that hangs in my living room by utilizing a method in which she embedded the tesserae directly into the adhesive. Dot was kind enough to share information about the method with the readers of her Yahoo group, and I’ve had a lot of fun practicing with it.

Born in Louisiana, self-taught mosaic rock star, Dorothy “Dot” Edwards, lived in Houston for twenty five years before moving to Sacramento in 2001. Although she began making mosaics in her early teens, she seriously engaged with the art form about eight years ago and has since graced the world with her sparkly creations .

When she isn’t making mosaic art or teaching classes in the Sacramento area, she is dispensing valuable advice to participants in the California Mosaics Yahoo Group that I mentioned above. Dot graciously operates the group, which is an excellent venue for California (and other) mosaic artists who come together to exchange ideas, tips, advice and news about mosaic art. (Thanks, Dot!)

While Dot makes all kinds of mosaic art, an example of her work that stands out in my own mind as inspirational is this striking likeness of historical strong woman, Harriet Tubman. It is a small bust, not even a foot tall, and is one of my favorite Dot Edwards pieces. The very small, hand cut, irregularly-shaped tesserae is distributed in an exacting pattern that is absolutely characteristic of Dot’s trademark mosaic style. It caught my eye originally because of the intensity and concentration of the tiny glass pieces and I loved the idea of her choosing Harriet Tubman as her subject.

Dot wrote:
Much of my inspiration comes from my Catholic faith, incorporating Christian symbols into what I make but I also enjoy creating busy abstract designs. I admire artists such as Kandinsky and Klimt. Plus - I like shiny things.

Dot likes to comb the thrift stores for unusual objects to use in her mosaic work. A good example is this highly-detailed, beautiful, asymmetrical vase:

Her heavily patterned work gives the illusion of actual motion, exemplified in this sparkly abstract rendition of a dancer, followed by another piece that evokes images of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Dot calls the second one, “Clandestine Meeting” :

Selecting her pallet with the keen eye of a painter, one of her many strong points is Dot's ability to make interesting color choices. She isn’t afraid to explore. The colors she chooses are refreshingly varied as we see in this beautiful Neon Abstract:

Dot had this to say about this next mixed media piece called, “ Glitter Rock”:

“When I started working with these mixed media pieces, I accumulated a small fortune in costume jewelry. When I work outside, the neighbor children come by and look through my boxes. I have probably given away a lot of the jewelry and other bits to the kids, mainly because I am such a sucker.

One of the things the kids asked me when I was working on a door (still in progress), was what was I going to do with all this jewelry. So, I reached into my stockpile of substrates and this child's guitar surfaced.

When I finished, I just couldn't come up with a name. I asked myself, "Is this tacky?". "Is the Liberace-esque?" "Is this Elvis-esque?"

The thoughts that kept coming to mind were: opulence, glitterly glam and of course shiny . My gallery helped me settle on this name and I think it suits. “

Glitter Rock

Fortunately for all of us, Dot is available for commissioned work. She is represented by :

Phoenix Gallery & Framing
1801 L Street #211
Sacramento, CA 95814 (on 18th between K & L st.)”
Phone/Fax: (916) 447-1632

And, if it’s convenience you want, you can purchase Dot's work from her online has an ETSY shop.

Oh....and Dot’s talent isn’t limited to just mosaics. You can find her photography and paintings on ImageKind HERE.

...and, of course, if you'd like even more information about Dorothy “Dot” Edwards and her work, please visit her web site at: Diva Mosaic or her Diva Mosaic EBSQ Gallery

...and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that Dot has good hygiene and minty fresh breath....another plus!

....In other news...
I have just seen the most inspirational speech I'd ever heard. I hope that each of you will take some time to watch this. While I could say that it is unrelated to art, I'd be lying. Truly. Please take a moment to listen to it from beginning to end. You won't regret it. I am in awe. Please click here

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