Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Delaine Hackney - Mosaic Artist

Delaine Hackney

When my little dog died recently, Delaine was the first person I called. Her tender heart and love of animals are only two of the things that endear her to me as the closest friend I have in the Bay Area. Couple these qualities with her unique talent for capturing the personalities (doganalities? catanalities? ) of animals through her whimsical mosaic pet portraits and you get the real deal. Genuine in spirit and talent, I am fortunate to know Delaine. It pleases me to be able to share her work with you here.

Delaine and her husband, Fred, are seldom seen without their constant companion, Ichiban. One would have to search far and wide to find a dog who is shown more love and attention than this happy fellow.

Happy Family

Delaine loves the color green. She has captured Ichiban’s dogalicious personality perfectly in this beautiful mosaic portrait created in shades of her signature color:

She has a unique way of looking past the exterior appearance of an animal and straight into its heart to really capture characteristics of that particular animal. This distinguishs her mosaic work from all others. Delaine definitely has her own style.

A real strong point of Delaine’s talent is her ability to choose the perfect materials to convey the animals’ demeanors and expressions. Check out the eyes on this one!

People seek Delaine’s work as a means to preserve a lasting memento of their beloved animal companions that will endure for a lifetime.

In addition to being a portrait artist, Delaine is also a muralist. The Bay Area is fortunate to be experiencing a growing number of her beautiful murals that are unparalleled in their distinctive, free-flowing style. Her craftmanship is excellent without ending up with the more static results that you see so much in other murals.

Bay Street Mall project

Delaine's contact information is available on her web site at: Delaine Mosaic. She is accepting commissions and her rates are very reasonable. She has a vivid artistic imagination and is sure to create a mosaic that will delight your senses and make you smile.
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freebird said...

I am truly amazed. Those pet portraits are extraordinary! I'd love to see my poodles (both gone now) done up in a mosaic. All my four new dogs too for that matter.

Young said...

Really wonderful!

Stacy Alexander said...

Delaine is both an extraordinary artist and an extraordinary and supportive friend. I am so lucky that she is a part of my life.


cconz said...

i stumbled across this blog , i love it and your mosaics!!! i'm getting into mosaics alot more, your so insiring. thanks cathie

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