Sunday, February 17, 2008

Say Darjit! (with Enthusiasm!)

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I've written about Darjit! in my other blogs...but so enthusiastic am I about this great sculpting compound, that I must mention it here as well.

DARJIT! is an architectural sculpting compound created by our good friend and fellow-recycling enthusiast, Brent Sumner, of ALCHYMIA LTD. in New Zealand who dropped me a line this morning. The material is 95% recycled, non-toxic and natural, consisting primarily, of a blend of china clay and rock powder, (a by-product of mining) and cellulose fiber, (from recycled paper products). It can be used in all kinds of applications including as a "finish plaster" good for both interior and exterior uses. It is unique in that when applied as a finish plaster, it can go on in a variety of thicknesses to get a Mediterranean adobe style soft organic look, rounding out corners, creating niches, arches, pillars, or whatever you'd like...but I prefer it for sculpting and for making substrates for mosaics. Its unique properties allow the mosaic artist to simply embed the tesserae directly into the material as it dries...or after drying, the glass, tile, stone or other tesserae can be applied using traditional methods.

Here is a picture of a throne that John and I made from an old, broken plastic lawn chair.

Applying the Darjit!

I am waiting for the rain to stop or for our move to Southern Cali. before I finish it out with sparking glass tiles and paint, but as you can see, it already has some tesserae embedded in it. I also need to drill some tiny holes in the seat to allow rain water to drain. I should have thought about that during the original design process, but didn't.

The large tile dead center is a hand-made one created by outsider artists , Isaiah Zagar, inspiration for our naming the throne, "Isaiah's Throne".

Here is a photo of our Maya standing in front of a Darjit! dragon that guards the gates of Rob and Santoshi's compound in Los Gatos where her Dad, Myles, used to live.:

Maya and Gate Dragon

The stuff can be compared to paper clay, but can be added to cement to create a lighter weight, just-as-durable sculpting medium that sticks to almost anything. It is quite versatile in application. Brent and company make fanciful outdoor pizza ovens from it. It can also be used for large-to-small-scale sculptural work.


Have a Heart
Original poster by Stacy Alexander
13.5" x 19"
Archival ink on photo quality paper

Have a HeartHave a Heart

Available as a 13.5 x 19" poster printed with archival quality inks on Etsy for only $15 + shipping! Why so inexpensive? Well, because I like to do this from time to take advantage while you can! I've sold 13 of these prints in the last 24 hrs.


Jen Worden's #7 Challenge - Simplicity

Jen's #7 challenge to create either a 2 or 3-D. piece based on the theme, "simplicity" was easier said than done. Gaining simplicity in life is also easier said than done. It takes hard work and perseverance, introspection and determination.

For this piece, I used the apple as my symbol for simplicity. Looking at it, you'd never know I spent more than three hours sketching, blending, erasing and working on it until I felt it was passable as an apple...but there you have it. Not everyone would need to spend that long, but drawing has always been difficult for me. I assembled it on a black Sasaki saucer which I chose again, for simplicity, and photographed the assemblage on a simple velvet pillow. Here is my result:

If you would like to sign on to work through Jen's challenges each week, click on the "Stretch Yourself" icon to the right. If you are receiving this entry in your inbox, go to The exercises are not complicated, but do much in terms of getting one's creative juices flowing!


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This mixture looks wonderful, I hope it's available in Australia, by the way I'm a member of ZNE and found your link there.

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