Monday, February 11, 2008

It's All a Matter of Perspective

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Things don't always happen for the reasons that one assumes. As artists, it is important to view life from many perspectives and to strive for clear communication through our art. In representing important social issues or even our day-to-day lives, our responsibilities lie in portraying things in ways that will speak to our subject's reality regardless of any emotion we are feeling...whether we do it via realism, symbolism, sarcasm, outrage or humor, through animation, music or any other means of expression.

Do you know people who only view things from one perspective?

"The best propaganda omits rather than invents" - Mason Cooley

This usually happens because it fits a particular agenda such as the need for juicy gossip or the need to be "right". We all hear a lot of this going on in the news today because of the presidential elections. The media is infamous for capturing people in a light that fulfills a blood thirsty desire from their readership whether it represents how that person *really * is or not. It's all about money....about what sells. This picture doesn't represent Hillary Clinton as a Yale Law School graduate who has risen through the ranks of controversy to run for Presidential office. She looks like a clown. However, those hell bent on not having a woman in the White House have used this photograph as a tool to further their agendas.

Another example is the media feast that has portrayed Brittany Spears as a deranged invidual:

We don't even know the woman, and whether we like her music or not, I'm sure there are many untold facts behind all of the gossip. She might BE an unfit mother...but we have to be aware that the media can make her be ...or any of us be...anything they wish.

The following series of pictures holds an important lesson. Look at the big picture. Search for the root of an opinion...especially if it is founded in gossip. Sometimes, things are not as they appear at all. Art is a powerful tool. Please use it responsibly.

Please scroll down the page pausing at each picture... and then listen to your mind form opinions about what is...and then what isn't:

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