Friday, February 15, 2008

Gilbert and George

After hearing them interviewed on NPR a few days ago, I feel very psyched about the Gilbert and George exhibit that will be opening at the de Young in Golden Gate Park this weekend. This dynamic duo has been collaborating since the late 60's and are best known for their performance art as "living sculptures" where, instead of making art, they ARE the art. They have been imitated by many, but never truly duplicated.

The exhibit at the de Young will feature some of their huge, brightly-coloured photo-based collage-pictures on black grids -- which have become by now, their well-known visual signature. Over the years G&G have developed new ways of showing taboo-grating images of the social world and, most notably, bodily fluids and waste. At the heart of most Gilbert & George works we see the artists themselves: a model relationship of equals, as they say themselves, always harmonious, acting as one to produce their art. I can hardly wait!

While there, I also plan to make another run through the recently acquired tea pot exhibit, a donated feature that is now a permanent part of the de Young collection. Here are some pictures I took the last time I was there. Some are a little fuzzy because no flash was allowed. The light in the room was rather low, and I didn't have a tripod...I know...excuses...excuses...:
Teapot 23

Teapot 27

Teapot 28

Teapot 30

Teapot 31

Teappot 33

Teapot 34

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Saints and Sinners said...

when I saw that G&G email I got, I thought of you!!!

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