Monday, February 4, 2008

File that under "Inspiration"

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What artful inspirations resonate most for you? Inspiration can be found everywhere and often in the most unexpected places.

After his death, it was discovered that the writer, Thomas Hardy, had stored bits and pieces of stories frorm his local newspaper in his desk drawer for later use. Some of the scenes in his book, " Tess of the D’Urbervilles", for example, have their real-life counterparts in 19th Century Dorset.

I keep an inspiration file and bound notebooks chock-full-o- clippings, images, sketches and ideas that I am not necessarily ready to develop at the moment, but might want to revisit for further exploration at a later date. I draw inspiration from newspapers, magazines, the internet, gossip, politics, the environment, animals....Just about anything can serve as artistic inspiration if put in an appropriate context.

Last night, as I was cleaning up the random jumble of vintage jewelry that I have been using to make mosaics, I noticed that the jeweled broaches, delicate silver chains, broken earrings...when viewed as a whole there on my counter, began to make sense as an unplanned composition. To roughly record what I saw, I grabbed a pen and did two quick sketches that I will file away for use later on to translate into a painting or a mosaic or other mixed media piece.

The message here is to keep your eyes open. Be observant. Look. Listen. Take notes. You can create art out of everything....and be inspired by everything.

The piece above is a work in progress.

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artsyfran said...

I so appreciate your commentary about being aware of what is right in front of you! With the mess that is my desk when I'm working on things, I've learned to allow myself to leave the mess overnight and in the morning, I see it in a new light with surprises for inspiration!

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