Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brian Dettmer

The art of altering books has grown in popularity over the last decade and remains high on my list of artistic endeavors. I have a couple of my own altered book projects in the works and also enjoy looking at the work of other altered book artists. One of my favorites is Brian Dettmer.

Brian Dettmer sifts through stacks of antiquated books, boxes of dusty cassette tapes, and piles of obsolete maps to uncover the perfect source and subject for his conceptual explorations and sculptural dissections. He alters pre-existing materials by selectively removing and manipulating elements as a way to allow new interpretations and ideas to emerge. With the precision of a surgeon, Dettmer uses scalpels, tweezers, and other medical instruments to carve into the surface of his found objects to reveal hidden meanings.

Dettmer has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe. His work has been featured in several books and in 2007 he was selected as the featured artist by the Illinois Art Education Association, a program in which images of his work were incorporated into lesson plans for student art projects. Just look at the amazing work he does! whoa!

Stacy Alexander