Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Art from the Heart - Free Giveaway!

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon is giving away two copies of her great book, "Art from the Heart"! If you would like to sign up for her very generous giveaway, please visit her BLOG and read the requirements.

Oh...and speaking of hearts, if you would like to be entered into a drawing to win one of my tile or glass mosaic hearts, please comment on the entry directly before this one.



Catherine said...

THANK YOU for visiting and posting about Art from the Heart, good luck in the drawing. I'll be posting the winners next week...and I've added a third prize, so stay tuned!!

Jan said...

Wonderful, what a delight, sign me up. I am also participating in OWOH.

matchlessart said...

ohboyohboyohboy! i found the spot to comment!! and my comment is... I love this whole project and am very glad to be a participant. I, too, am a Frieda Freak. I love your mosaics and look forward to creating my first one. love you most madly, Matchless

Saints and Sinners said...

ohpick me!! pick me!!!! LOL

love them!!!and I need to add you to my bloglist if I haven't already!

Stacy Alexander